Happy Hour: Dow 13,000, Million Mustache March and Shoe Bling

It’s Happy hour time again.  TGIF and all that.  So sit back, relax and check out some interesting reads I’ve come across this week.

Dow 13,000

A big psychological milestone was reached on Tuesday when the Dow climbed above 13,000 for the first time since 2008.  Now we just need it to close above 13,000 which might happen today.  Up next 14,000, which we haven’t seen since 2007.  Just a gut feeling, but when that happens the market will be off to the races with the next big bull market.

Million Mustache March

Proof of how screwy our tax system is, the STACHE Act is being pushed by the American Mustache Association as a way to benefit the economy.  So the AMI is asking for a law to be passed that would give up to $250 in tax refunds for Mustached Americans and promoting it with a Mustached March on Washington in April.  I see an American Armpit and Leg Hair Coalition starting if this works.

Shoe Bling

For the person who has everything and still needs more, I bring you Mr. Kennedy gold shoelaces.  Not just any gold shoelaces, 24-karat gold hand-woven shoelaces.  For those of you on a budget, they have the lower cost silver woven shoelaces.  Still too pricey, well, there is always the Bedazzler!

Last Call

  • Not all dividend paying stocks are alike, or even a good investment.  As investors, we need to question a companies ability to pay a dividend, as discussed by Hank over at Dividend Ninja.  Definitely some good advice there and a topic I’ve planned on covering.

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  1. says

    Would I still get the tax credit if my mustache is sub-par??

    Those laces might be $19k but they deliver it securely and lace it up for you!

    Oh, and you can question the need to question, but then you should question your need to question the need to question… Either way, as long as you’re making an informed decision, you’ll be alright :)

  2. says

    In the spirit of questioning, IS there really such a thing as the AMI? And would stick-on mustaches qualify? I’d love to know what proof would be required for that ;)

    • J.P. says

      The upper lip of Tom Selleck started the AMI in an effort to push it agenda’s on Washington (and it’s need for a stage bigger than Tom’s face). As far as required proof, strictly your word is good enough. Nobody lies about their mustache.

      Seriously though, I found the site funny and thought I’d share.

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