Happy Hour: Iced Tea Beer, The Price of Twitter & Political Betting

It’s Happy Hour again, TGIF! Time to kick back relax and enjoy the more interesting reads of the week.

Ice Tea Beer

Ah, remember the ’90s, grunge music, Friends, the internet boom and Zima?!  Well Zima is back or the concept is, big beer companies are pushing the limits yet again with flavored beers.  We’ve seen it with Bud Light Lime (because cutting a lime wedge is so complicated) and now Coors Light Ice Tea.  There is nothing like hitting happy hour and relaxing after a hard days work with a nice cold ice tea…beer?  Watch out Snapple!

The Price Of Twitter

If you are a twitterer, tweeter, or just a person who tweets?  It’s a simple easy way to get a message out in 140 characters or less.  And it’s free!  But it does have costs, just check out the 5 costliest tweets ever.  You all remember ex-congressman Weiner?

Political Betting

For anyone with a hankering for politics and gambling or just want to know who has the best chance of being the next president, check out Intrade.  It had a recent write-up in Businessweek and how it’s used by campaign advisers to reassure the media of their chances of winning the GOP candidacy.  Definitely interesting and now voters can put their money where their mouth is.

Last Call

  • Jeff Rose is pushing for a Roth IRA movement and we’re on board.  The basic concept is to push awareness and education on all things Roth on March 27.  So stay tuned!
  • Growing up, I was reminded a dozen times a week that we didn’t have a magical money tree in the backyard.  Amanda covers this and other money myths, rituals and superstitions.  It still would be cool to have one though.
  • Here’s something I didn’t know.  Steve Jobs was listed on 342 patent applications.  There is a cool slide show at Money Cone covering just a few of Steve Jobs’ inventions.  I guarantee you’ll be surprised by a few of them.
  • Buying a stock just for the dividends isn’t a good enough reason to buy.  J.T. offers up three great reasons to buy a dividend stock.  Something for all you dividend hunters to keep in mind.
  • We linked to the Apple sweatshop story several weeks ago.  Darwin’s Money gives their take on the issue and why Apple is being singled out for having a very successful business model.

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