Novel Investor is built around the ideas that saving, investing and growing your money is good for you.  At least, that’s our theory.  And it seems to be a successful one so far.

The goal of this site is to create a place to discuss, share and learn about these complex and sometimes misunderstood topics.  Simplify it.  And make it easier to learn and carry out in your financial life.  The end goal – to empower you to take control of your money.  And make you wealthier in the process.

The site is broken down into four key areas:  saving, investing, retirement and taxes.  Why?  It just makes sense.


None of this works if you don’t save your money first.  It’s the foundation to a solid, responsible financial plan.  The commitment to save a portion of your income each month is a big first step to securing your financial future.

This means managing your debt responsibly too.  As far as we’re concerned, there are two types of debt – one, when used correctly, will help grow your money, the other will rid you of it.  We’ll focus on the former, you should avoid the latter.


You can’t do it with savings alone.  At some point you will invest that money.  That means knowing how to grow and protect your money.  It requires a basic understanding of the risks and rewards of potential investments.  And how a changing market and economy will affect each one.  You don’t want to be blindsided by an investment you don’t understand.


The past few decades have changed the way we save for retirement.  In essence, you are solely responsible for your own retirement success story.  When it comes to saving and investing, retirement planning has its own set of rules, limitations and tax advantages.  All things you must know to make your retirement a successful one.


Finally, taxes and money go hand in hand.  Our tax system offers unique opportunities to save and lower your tax bill each year.  It’s called making the tax system work for you.  And it’s an important step to maintaining and growing your wealth.

In the end, your money will be a lifetime learning process as you adjust, act and react to a changing financial landscape. So you might as well get started now.

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About Jon

It started years ago with an interest in making money.  Only I wanted to know how to make money from buying and selling pieces of paper (stocks, bonds, options, etc).

I studied Finance in college.  Except it didn’t specifically cover investing.  It definitely didn’t cover personal finance.  I had to learn most of it on my own.  Which is important.  I made my first investment (shares in a Templeton fund) in college.  I even sent the check to the fund company.  This was before the internet.  It brought my first experience with dividend and capital gains taxes, too. I’ve been successfully investing, reading and learning ever since.

Eventually I came across Benjamin Graham and his value investing philosophy.  Put simply, it all made sense.  For those not familiar, value investing in its simplest form involves buying an asset for less than its real value to sell later for a profit.  To this day, I still don’t understand why more people don’t subscribe to the same philosophy.  It works great with a long-term focus.  Which fits well with most people’s investment strategy.  Over time, I’ve adapted it to fit my own.

My college thesis was titled Maximizing Return Using Value Investment Strategies.  It was just the beginning.  I received a Business Degree in Finance.  But I am self taught and still learning the nuances of investing, personal finance, economics, and money.

A few years working in the finance industry helped the learning process.  As did several years learning the ropes of the small business world.  Which is the important theme with investing.  Self education is the first and last step to a successful financial plan.

This site, in a way, documents what I’ve learned (with some opinion and sarcasm thrown in).  Writing has helped clarify my learning process.  It’s pushed me to read and learn more – to make me a smarter investor.  Hopefully, this site and my contributions will make that process easier for you.

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