The Best Tax Filing Software

Tax time is hard enough having to rely on tax software that is painful to use. Doing your taxes by hand is simply out of the question too. That’s why finding the best tax filing software is so important.

Using tax software is the best way to get the most out of your tax refund and still guarantee an accurate tax return, assuming you answer all the questions correctly. Even if you miss a possible tax deduction, the best tax software will ask the right questions to get any deductions that you qualify for.

If you file individually, jointly, self-employed, or for a small business, the best tax filing software has multiple tax packages to choose from. It could be as simple as a federal free eFile up to a premium package including state income tax. And it should be much cheaper than using an accountant too.

When looking for the best tax filing software, keep these things in mind: easy to use and navigate, reliable, offers tax support, and great customer service. The online tax software below offers all these services and more.


  • EasyGuide - Offers step-by-step guidance through your taxes like a GPS.
  • Product Support – Every step along the way through live chat, online community and by phone.
  • Biggest Refund Guaranteed - Helps you find over 350 tax deductions.
  • Free Audit Support Center - Free downloadable audit support and additional Audit Defense services available.
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eFile  with TurboTax

H&R Block at HomeH&R Block At Home

  • Easy to Use – Hassle free tax filing, step-by-step guidance, and easy to understand resources.
  • The Best Guarantees – Accurate Calculations, Maximum Refund, and Worry-free Audit Support Guaranteed
  • Live Support – Get 1 session of live tax advice with a tax pro.
  • Tax Breaks – Completely up-to-date on all the tax credits and deductions you may qualify for.
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eFile with H&R Block