Happy Hour: Bald Advantage And Worst Sound Ever

Welcome to the end of the week and another edition of Happy Hour!  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your end of the week roundup of all things interesting in the land of money.

Bald Advantage

In the world of business, perception is everything.  When it comes to hair, bald is big.  A new study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School says that men with shaved heads are viewed as more dominant, masculine, taller and stronger.  Guess there’s no need to hit the gym anymore.

Don’t grab that razor just yet.  There were two downsides to the study.  Those with shaved heads were viewed as less attractive and older.  So before you go razor shopping, you’ll have to weigh your options.  What’s more important: looking better at work or just looking better in general?

Worst Sound Ever

Sticking with the topic of studies, scientists at Newcastle University finally figured out the worst sound in the world.  And no it’s not fingernails on the blackboard.  That fell to number five.  The study conducted tests with 74 different sounds.  The volunteers were hooked up to an MRI to see the brains reaction to each sound.

Basically the study uses a lot of big science words to say our ears are sensitive to high pitch sounds.   Of course, anyone who has spent time in a classroom could have told them that.  You can listen to the top five worst results at the link above.

Last Call

  • Permanent fix of U.S. housing to take time: Home Depot CEO – If you think you missed the boat on housing stocks, you didn’t.  That’s what the Home Depot CEO (who knows a lot about housing) says.  I tend to believe him.  Expect a correction in these stocks and a buying opportunity.
  • How to Tune-Up Social Security – As it’s currently laid out, the Social Security fund will have a shortfall if changes aren’t made.  If you haven’t retired yet but plan for Social Security income, this is worth a read.
  • Gross’s Burning Bond Market Fails to Frighten Investors – Since 2008, investors have poured money into bonds and bond funds.  With rates at all time lows, the ill-conceived view that there is safety in bonds will be broken when rates start rising.
  • Winning (Losing) by Losing (Winning): The Power of Expectations – Expectations and outcomes don’t always jive when it comes to the stock market.  With the short-term view the market represents it’s best for long-term investors to ignore these reactions.
  • The Buyback Epidemic – Never been a fan of stock buybacks for many of these reasons.  And would rather see a company reinvest that money to grow the business.  But in times of uncertainty that’s the last thing businesses want to do.

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