Happy Hour: Hyperloop and Chicago

Welcome to the end of the week and another edition of Happy Hour! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your end of the week roundup of all things interesting in the land of money.


Elon Musk is quickly becoming a tech industrialist. The Paypal cofounder along with SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity could add public transportation to his stable of companies. It’s certainly not something you’d expect in the internet age. Where putting something online has been the fastest way to billions for close to a decade. And he’s not following the typical tech trends of maintaining ownership control either.

When was the last time the biggest news out of tech came from a car company and an energy installation company. Now it’s a re-imagination of public transportation with the Hyperloop. It’s a cool name for something that basically looks like a train inside a wind tunnel. In a country where high-speed rail has been argument and afterthought for decades, it’s a welcome sight. Hopefully, it’s caused enough thought to second guess future public transportation projects.


I ran across a great Freakanomics podcast about Chicago. It discusses the importance Chicago has played on the development of the country and world. From architecture, music, food, economics, and more, the city has given a lot to the U.S.

Yet it’s often overlooked for New York and L.A. As a lifelong area resident, I can happily say we like it that it way. Chicago is hardly New York and isn’t even close to comparable. Nor is it similar to L.A. Big cities have a character all their own. The City of Big Shoulders, the Windy City, has certainly made a name for itself.

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    • Jon says

      They’ve been practicing the past two days. I used to go over and see it often, but now I avoid the big crowd events as often as possible.

  1. says

    I like the way you phrased that, why on Earth would someone with so much online success risk building an entire infrastructure in transportation? Of course he has lots of money and backing but, the barrier to entry is so much greater than starting another online entity or social media company. It kind of reminds of when The Oracle of Omaha told people he was buying up newspapers and people thought he was an idiot. Money is money and I’m sure he sees and opportunity we do not.

    • Jon says

      Absolutely, Scott. There’s always someone building a better mousetrap and making money from it despite the fact that most people either don’t think it’s possible or don’t thing we need a new one.

  2. Troy says

    Elon Musk is a great guy. This is exactly the kind of entrepreneur spirit we need here in the States. Instead of bright young guys and girls working on little iPhone apps, we need people solving real problems. Thanks Elon. (BTW, congrats on Tesla!)

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